Professionals Guidelines

We’re passionate about connecting people ready to help people that want something – fast !. As GappGo continues to grow it’s important that the GappGo community follows guidelines that reflect our values and standards of behaviour. We work hard to enforce these guidelines so that we can maintain our authenticity and transparency, so that everyone has an enjoyable experience.

GappGo is here to help facilitate a reliable, safe and successful environment. We are here to help resolve issues should they arise. In return, we ask for your cooperation and timely response to the GappGo team. If you suspect violation of any of our guidelines, please report it to GappGo ASAP.

This document will continue to change as we grow and continue to think about what’s best for the GappGo community.

Gapp guidelines

To create a safe, respectful and rewarding environment, we need you to follow the Guidelines below:

  • Gapps must be legal
  • Prohibited items list
  • No escort or adult services
  • Clear scope, time and budget required
  • No advertising

Publicly sharing private information

To maintain the integrity and authenticity of GappGo, only share contact information as necessary to facilitate a Gapp.

Unacceptable behaviours

Community is at the heart of what we do at GappGo. Courtesy, mutual respect and seeing things from another person’s perspective is essential. At GappGo, we do not tolerate the following negative behaviours, any of which will result in your content being removed and/or your account being suspended:

  • 1 Hatred or violence
  • 2 Discrimination
  • 3 Harassment
  • 4 Illegal behaviours
  • 5 Trolling

Unsupported practices

At GappGo, we’re committed to bringing communities together however this requires your support and cooperation. We do not support the following activities within our GappGo community, as it jeopardises the creation of a fair, transparent and trustworthy environment, which we highly value.

  • 1 Fraudulent GappGo reviews
  • 2 Artificially improving public profile
  • 3 Discussion forum
  • 4 Harvesting member information
  • 5 Lead generation

Pricing and payments

To ensure a safe and rewarding environment for all members of the GappGo community, it’s important to understand how pricing and payments work.

  • 1 Gapp prices
    • Gapp price is the full amount of the agreed Gapp. Offers must not be hourly, unit or quote based. Partial quotes mentioning further negotiation of prices off oustside of the GappGo App are not supported.
  • 2 Gapp Payments
    • Cash payments are not supported on the GappGo platform. To ensure that you get paid for a task, GappGo securely holds the Gapp funds until the task is closed by the member or after 24 hours of the task being marked as finished.
  • 3 Accurate banking details
    • To ensure seamless transition of funds, please ensure your banking details are up to date in your Stripe Account settings

Accountability and your reputation

When your Gapp is accepted, you remain accountable for the provision and outcome of the Gapp.

Account eligibility

To get started on GappGo, but we need you to make sure you qualify for the below:

  • 14 years or older
    • All registered professionals of GappGo must be 14 years or older. Professionals under the age of 18 are not able to enter a legal contract with GappGo. As such, GappGo reserves the right to request the approval of the parents or legal carers.
  • Legal working rights
    • All registered professionals must be legally entitled to perform the task. To maintain the highest standards in our GappGo community, we seek to avoid situations that may cause legal risks to any of our members.
    • All professionals must have their own ABN.

Account administration

Now that you understand a little more about GappGo, we have some important information regarding accounts.

  • 1 No account transfers
    • Your account is your responsibility and you must maintain control of it. It must not be transferred to another person as your account and reviews reflect your skills and abilities.
  • 2 No duplicate accounts
    • Professionals may only have a single, active account on the platform. As your account reflects your reputation in the marketplace and represents your skills and abilities, any duplicate accounts attempting to disguise a member’s history, will be removed immediately.

Identity on GappGo

GappGo is committed to building a community platform that is a positive and safe environment for all. This commitment is grounded in the principles of transparency and respect. To help foster trust in the community, GappGo members are required to have a profile photo and name that accurately identifies them.

Fake/ miscellaneous photos & names are not permitted on the GappGo App. Professionals that do not have an accurate profile photo or name that meets GappGo standards will be asked to change their details.

GappGo profile standards

  • 1 Name
    • Your real name as confirmed by your identification documents (passport, drivers licence etc).
  • 2 Profile photo
    • A clear front-on profile photo of a members face, so it’s easy recognisable by Posters.

All GappGo members have an obligation to adhere to the Community Guidelines in accordance with the rules and regulations set out in the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.