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How to get the most out of GappGo

It's simple

Gappgo takes your daily schedule and incorporates a range of useful, fun, and productive activities in to the gaps. It works smoothly alongside your daily, weekly, and monthly timetable, to come up with functional solutions to spaces in your day, ensuring that you are making the very most of your waking hours.

Gappgo functions easily and smoothly on your computer and mobile device, and can be brought to bear on almost any schedule. It is location-sensitive, and can prioritise and organise your daily events to vibe perfectly with your preferences in activity or recreation.

If you’re in the market to find a personal trainer, a bar, a restaurant, a café, or a hairdresser on short notice, we can make that happen. At Gappgo, we like to help busy professionals to adjust their daily schedules, and maximise their total amount of functional hours. We can help you to squeeze more efficiency out of your day. Have a busy and brilliant day with Gappgo!

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What is GAPPGO ? Think it, Book it.

GappGo is the location-based app that fills the GAPP in your schedule, fast and on your terms. It allows users to set a preference for an activity of their choosing, and accounts for their daily schedule to find a solution to that unused time. Quickly and easily, you will be able to:

  • Find A Hairdresser
  • Find A Restaurant
  • Find A Cafe
  • Find A Bar
  • Find A Personal Trainer

Gappgo allows you to make the very most of your daylight hours, and can make you a healthier, happier, fitter, and more productive person.

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