GappGo 101

How GappGo Works for you, the Professional.


Once you are signed up as a GappGo professional, it’s simple to start filling your vacancies with clients:


Step 1 – A Gapp is Created

Once a Gapp is created, it will be visible in the GappTracker, and GappGo members (Gappers) will be able to access the service you provide. Gapps are required to have a time, duration and cost attributed.

Step 2 – The Gapp is Accepted

A Gapp is accepted by a member selecting the Gapp. After the member accepts the cost, they are debited the full Gapp amount as instructed by you, the professional.

Step 3 – The Gapp is Completed

Once the Gapp is completed, the member rates the service provided. The professional also rates the client. It is at this point the funds are released to the professional, minus the GappGo fee.