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Whether a client cancelled or it's simply just a slow week, by creating a Gapp our members in the immediate area will be notified, fast!
All transactions are secured by Stripe. Stripe is a global e-commerce platform used by millions of people every day. As part of the set-up you will be required to connect Stripe to GappGo so you can be paid directly.
GappGo is working for you 24/7 - whether you’re an early-bird or a night-owl. Members can create Gapps 24/7 but it's completely up to you, the professional as to what suits.
Professionals have the opportunity to rate the members. Members are responsible to behave according to the member guidelines. Ratings help other professionals as well as the member.
GAPPTRACKER – View member created Gapps
At the core of GappGo is the GappTracker: a real-time, geo location function showing you Gapps that match your professional skill set.
VIP Gappers
Love a member? VIP Gappers allows you direct message your clients - simply connect with your favourite members via the app.
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